News | 2023-05-22

Nuno Cardoso clarifies legal deadlines for voluntary termination of pregnancy

Nuno Cardoso, managing associate of the Criminal Law, Misdemeanour and Compliance practice at TELLES, clarifies what the law determines in relation to the deadlines for the voluntary interruption of pregnancy (IVG), depending on the verification of fetal heartbeats, to Polígrafo SIC.

According to the TELLES lawyer, specialized in Criminal Law, Misdemeanors and Compliance, "It is not punishable to terminate a pregnancy performed by a doctor in an officially recognized health establishment, if it is carried out in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, following option manifested by the woman and consent given in this regard."

“The foregoing means that it is not true that the law makes the non-punishability of IVG dependent on the existence of heartbeats, since it is legally admissible to have IVG up to the limit of the first ten weeks, without such conduct constituting the commission of a crime of abortion”, concludes the TELLES lawyer.

Read the full article here.

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