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Margarida Rosado da Fonseca signs an in-depth contribution on the Portuguese screening Mechanism of Foreign Direct Investments in the context of the European one

Margarida Rosado da Fonseca, partner and co-Head of the European Law and Competition Practice at TELLES, signs a contribution on "The Portuguese Mechanism for the Analysis of Foreign Direct Investments: Change in 2023? Framework and Whys", published in the Competition & Regulation Journal (C&R) of the Portuguese Competition Authority (págs.57a103).

This contribution is the second part of the reflection on the current Portuguese screening mechanism of foreign direct investments (FDI). The European and Competition specialized lawyer at TELLES emphasises, amongst other features, the acuteness of an in-depth reflection on the updating of the current screening mechanism of FDI in Portugal or ultimately the adoption of a new mechanism. For this reflection are relevant various national laws and, at European level, the experience of certain other jurisdictions, the Commission's reports and soft law on the Regulation of FDI screening and the prospects for its modification are relevant.

The Portuguese mechanism was created by Decree-Law No. 138/2014 of 15 September, which establishes the regime for the protection of strategic assets essential to ensure the security of national defence and security and the supply of services fundamental to the national interest in the areas of energy, transport and communications, and remains unchanged.

See the full article below.

[Article in PT]

Article Margarida Rosado da Fonseca | Revista de Concorrência & Regulação (no.50)

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