News | 2022-05-24

Minors who use fake citizen card to enter nightclubs and consume alcoholic beverages. What can happen to them?

Joana Rosa Baptista provides her insight to CNN as part of an article about the crimes involved and who can be held responsible when a teenager changes documents to, for example, change the date of birth.

The TELLES lawyer, specialized in Criminal Law, Misdemeanour and Compliance, clarifies that “a 16-year-old who has in his hand a citizen card that says he was born two years later, can incur a crime of using a counterfeit document that has an increased penalty, ranging from 6 months to 5 years in prison”. As for parental responsibility, the TELLES lawyer considers that parents can only be held criminally liable, “if they know that their child goes to nightclubs using a false document and they still let him go”.

In the case of the owner of the nightclub or bar, Joana Rosa Baptista added that he could be held responsible for allowing entry using a false document. “But it is necessary to prove that there is a security guard at the door hired by the owner who checks identities and who even so carelessly let the young person pass”, since “many young people aged 16, 17 look like adults”.

Read the full article here: (PT)

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